We understand

Difficult isn't it!?! Lesson planning, marking, differentiation, cross curricular input, enterprise education, learning styles, behaviour management, learning styles...........oh and teaching! So where do you find the time to build all of these things into every lesson, every day whilst meeting targets and adding value? Oh.....And you also have to prepare your students for the world of work........providing real glimpses of what life is like after school....inspiring them to find interest in and follow career paths that you may or may not have any knowledge of!

We understand..........we've been there! Sett enterprises owner, Stuart Catchpole, is a qualified teacher previously heading up a Business Studies Department and taking responsibility for all work-related learning and designing and implementing a whole school enterprise strategy.

It's not easy.........but that's where Sett can help.

We have years of experience in delivering enterprise, work-related and vocational activities. We can offer you tailored or 'off the shelf support' and make employer engagement problems a thing of the past. We are passionate about supporting our young people in becoming the effective employees, leaders and entrpreneurs of tomorrow.

We have a large network of Industry supporters and educational suppliers to ensure that we can meets your needs whether it is:

  • A collapsed curriculum event - Half-day, full day or 2 day.
  • Workshop - Lesson based, small group, large group or year group.
  • Presentations - On specific industries, jobs, etc.
  • Cross Schools activities - competitions, shared activities, visits.
  • 1:1 support - For students or teachers
  • Guest Speaker - For indiividual lessons, assemblies or whole school events.
  • Brokerage - Access to business organisations or other activity providers.
  • Visits - Access to work locations and venues.
  • Motivational sessions - To inspire students and support student council, student leader, prefect activities.
  • Resources - Worksheets, resources and lesson plans to aid your subject delivery.
  • Bespoke - We will work with you to design and deliver tailor made activities.

Case Study 1


We were delighted to be able to support Flegg High school with their technology day with an Technological Enterprise Challenge.

Working with groups on a carousel basis we started off with giving an insight into how technology had changed our everyday lives. We then gave some information on 'the marketing mix', looking at some modern products, how they are priced, promoted and where/how they are sold.

The groups were then set the challenge of designing and building a new technological prototype using a wide range of resources that we provided. The groups had to, not only, build the product, but create a name, logo and advertising material that would tell us about the product, it's features uses and why we should buy it.

We were astounded by the depth of thought that took place and the quality of prototypes, marketing materials and pitches made in a short amount of time.

Products varies greatly from an full body, interactive games suit (not forgetting the mask) to state of the art motor vehicles with inbuilt future technologies.

A great day was had by all and the students all enjoyed the hands on nature of the activities and enterprise learning.

Case Study 2


Ormiston Venture Acadamy contacted us to work with 120 year 6 students on a transition day visit from their feeder primary school.

The focus of the event was the 'future' and we provided a whole group presentation before sending them off to their teaching rooms to work in smaller groups.

The presentation started off by explaining how we are all attracted to different products for different reason such as taste, technology, purpose/function and cost.

We then had a look at how products had evolved from the past to be very different to how they are today and why. We looked at bicycles, televisions, games consoles, games, mobile phones, personal stereos and cameras. Pictures illustrated what products of the future might look like with flying cars, robots and holographic TV's!

The groups then went back to their teaching rooms to discuss future products and create posters detailing their creations.

Case Study 3


We were delighted to support City Academy Norwich, on behalf of the Norfolk Enterprise Learning Partnership (NELP) to design, organise and facilitate events to create  norfolk Enterprise Council. The aim of the project was to get Primary and Secondary Students to work together on Enterprising Projects to benefit their school and community.



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